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Water piping repair & installation

   The experts at Professor Pipes Plumbing can repair or replace all types of piping. Whether it be lead, galvanized, copper, plastic,

cast iron etc.

From burst pipes due to a freeze up or rusted galvanized piping that is in need of replacement. We can make it right !


Troubleshooting leaks, noises, vibrations, high water bills & any common related water issues

  Sometimes some of the biggest issues are the easiest to fix.

Common high water blls can be quickly detected and repaired for a minimal cost.

Call us to find out how simple it can be.


Repair/replace/install plumbing fixtures​/sump pumps

    We replace and repair vertually all plumbing fixtures. Commercial & Residential. Doesn't matter the size of the job.

Even a single set of taps is no problem at all. Usually within a day or two.



Blockages in sinks, toilets, bathtubs, shower drains, laundry drains, sewer pipes

    Professor Pipes Plumbing uses electric drain cleaning equipment. Once we are done clearing a residential drain we rarely return.

Leave it to our professionals to properly diagnose and solve any drainage issues you may be facing.



Frozen Pipes

     Professor Pipes Plumbing uses electric thawing equipment. This amazing machine sends an electronic current through your frozen lines heating and cracking the ice thus clearing the blockage. This is the only way to clear the lines. It is 100% safe & damage free.

These machines do not work on plastic pex piping or drains.



Main Shut off valves / Water Meters

  If you experience a leaking main shut off valve we can help ! Your city/township works dept must be contacted to turn off the water. The main turn offs that are usually found on the lawn/driveway is actually private property and cannot be turned off by our technicians.

  We recommend whenever possible to perform this work first thing in the morning.

  If you are having a water meter installed, replaced or moved we can help you with that as well. Give us a call. All estimates are free.


Concrete Laundry Tubs


  There are many residential homes with concrete laundry tubs in the basement. Over time these will eventually crack and begin to leak.

It's something we have done countless times.

   We simply break up the exsisting concrete tubs, remove the debris and install either a single or double tub system. Whatever you prefer.

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